The distinctive lifestyle that Melbourne’s suburbs have to offer

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April 16, 2021
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Choosing a suitable home also signify taking into consideration of your lifestyle. Which suburb suits you most? Do you prefer to live in a more family friendly environment or a more creative neighbourhood?  We take a closer look at some of Melbourne’s neighbourhood to give you an idea of the lifestyle of that area. 

Laidback, artsy and creative
If your perfect day involves a cup of coffee in your favourite warehouse café, shopping at vintage looking clothes shops and art galleries, or having a pint of beer while listening to performers jamming live music – certainly Melbourne has many options of this type of neighbourhood for you to choose. One of the neighbourhood would be St Kilda which offers remarkable south sea view and a rich café culture, its home to free spirit artists and working professionals. 

On the other side, if you prefer somewhere more trendy and edgy neighbourhood like Brunswick and Fitzroy the inner north side of Melbourne would most likely suits you. These suburbs were once working-class suburbs in the olden days but now is home to many art galleries, art studios, cafes, pubs and mainly reside by free thinkers. Suburbs like Collingwood, Clifton Hill and Northcote can be included in your lists too if living “green” and being an environmentalist is your thing.

Exclusive and contemporary 
If you asked any Melbournian could they name two suburbs where most of the wealthy people lived they would instantly tell you is Toorak and South Yarra. These suburbs are among the most prestigious suburbs in Melbourne and no doubt most of the Australia’s richest lives here. At these neighbourhoods the sizes of the houses are spacious and grand, the driveways are long and winding, and usually the youngsters here studied in private schools.   

Relating to exclusive and contemporary, you will also find that plenty up-and-coming professionals in the sleek and modern bay side developments of Southbank and Port Melbourne. These suburbs are usually popular with pop up stores and its upscale restaurants and luxurious retailers. Southbank also offers a wide range of cultural landmarks and not to mention the massive Crown Entertainment Complex, which is home to one of the biggest entertainment centre in Australia.   

Family friendly and greeneries 
Maybe if you are looking for the perfect neighbourhood to raise a family. Neighbourhoods like Kew, Surrey Hills and Camberwell provides a safe and guarded environment for raising a family. These suburbs are known for their leafy tree-lined streets, upper middle-class professionals, top private schools and you will find plenty of parks, the famous Camberwell market and cafes to enjoy on the weekends. 

Then a bit more middle of the road, Hawthorn located in the east provides a good mix of expensive housing meets blocks of University apartments complete with students, busy cafes, and great public transport. 

When deciding a place to live, bear in mind that the suitable suburb is usually one that is compatible with you and your daily life. Regardless, it is laidback, artsy, and creative, exclusive and contemporary or family friendly and greeneries, Melbourne’s distinct suburbs are assured to suit a wide range of lifestyles and budgets.  
The suburbs mentioned are just some of the suburbs that being narrowed down you may do more research on other suburbs to understand the demographic better. 

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