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April 16, 2021
May 12, 2021

Ever heard of the saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a single day in your life”? The question is, do you love what you do?

A research done by Hays Asia back in 2020 revealed that 46% out of 900 Malaysian employees are unhappy in their current jobs. Most say that the reasons for their dissatisfaction is due to their salaries, lack of career progression and that they are looking for a job that offers them new challenges.

What if there is a way to overcome all that?

Searching for the dream job

When it comes to searching for your dream job, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Making a difference with your contribution

Life is short, you have to make every day worth living. What’s more meaningful than having a job that allows you to enhance the lives of others with your actions? Not only will you feel inspired to get up to work every day, but you will never know what each day brings.

  1. Diverse and fun group of colleagues

All work and no play will make your life dull. One of the factors to consider when selecting your future job is to understand the dynamic of the people who currently work there. Having a bunch of diverse and fun people working towards a similar goal will make the working environment a lot more bearable.

  1. Recognition and acknowledgement by the company

One of the reasons Malaysians are dissatisfied with their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated in their workplace. We understand how it feels to be giving your 100% and not getting an acknowledgment from your boss. Underappreciated and underpaid are definitely not a good combo!

  1. Opportunity to keep challenging yourself

The only way for us to grow is to continually challenge ourselves. Being too comfortable in a job position can sometimes cause one to become demotivated and less driven. Some of the telling signs that you have outgrown your current career path are:

  • Stagnated income
  • Complaining more about work
  • Stopped learning new things
  • Procrastinating more at work

If you find yourself checking all of the above boxes, perhaps it is time for you to consider looking for a new career!

  1. Freedom & flexibility to do what you love

Work flexibility is one of the underrated factors to look for when you are searching for your dream career. Statistics show that 73% of employees feel more satisfied with their jobs that offer them flexible work arrangements. Freedom and flexibility on-the-job, especially in the times of new normal, can be the make-of-break factor for most people who are eyeing for new opportunities.

A job where I can make a difference, get to know a group of diverse and fun colleagues, be recognized and rewarded for my achievements, continuously challenge myself, AND have freedom and flexibility? Sounds impossible…

It’s NOT! These are the perks that comes with being a Real Estate Negotiator!

What is a Real Estate Negotiator?

According to Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA), a Real Estate Negotiator (REN) is an individual who is employed by a registered Estate Agent, who is certified to practice to represent sellers, landlords, buyers & tenants in the sale and marketing of properties.

In order to become a Real Estate Negotiator, you will have to undergo a  two-day course on Real Estate and will be issued a certificate of attendance. With the certificate, you can seek employment either on a ‘Contract of Service’ or ‘Contract for Service’ with a Real Estate firm. The Real Estate firm then will apply for the REN Tag with the BOVAEA.

Hectarworld is an established and professional real estate company serving the property market in Malaysia. We offer some of the most lucrative rewards for aspiring Real Estate Negotiators.

Being a Real Estate Negotiator in Malaysia

Aside from the factors stated above that make this the dream career for many, here are some of the benefits of being a Real Estate Negotiator.

  1. Flexible working hours

Not everyone is made for the fixed office hours. Some people prefer having work flexibility because it allows them to arrange and schedule their priorities throughout the day. Being a Real Estate Negotiator gives you the freedom to meet with your clients and business contacts at any time that is convenient for both parties. With the flexible working hours, you can also have a side hustle as a real estate negotiator before you commit yourself fully to it.

  1. You get to decide how much you earn

A real estate negotiator doesn’t necessarily have a fixed monthly salary. However, if you are consistent and hardworking, you can easily earn more than RM 10K in sales commission! Becoming a real estate negotiator takes courage and discipline, but you get to decide how much you earn each month. Most of the time, real estate firms provide RENs with monthly sales incentives and other rewards which will be the cherry on top for all your hard work.

  1. Great career advancement opportunities

One may start out as a real estate negotiator, which is considered the entry-level for the property sales field. Once you have ample experience, you can explore more challenging roles such as team leader for other real estate negotiators, equip yourself with more advanced courses and training to become a probationary real estate agent or eventually manage your own real estate agency!

  1. Regulated profession in Malaysia

Real Estate Negotiators in Malaysia are regulated by national-level agencies such as MIEA. Each certified REN will be issued with a REN tag which is an identification tag used to verify the legitimacy of the REN. Being a real estate negotiator regulated by MIEA not only protects the agents, as well as the clients from being taken advantage of by illegal agencies.

  1. Expand your circle while helping others

As the job title states, a real estate negotiators’ role is to negotiate the sale of properties. This means that you will be meeting new people from different backgrounds every day while on the job. In the long run, this will expand your circle and broaden your social connections. As a real estate negotiator, social connections are vital because word-of-mouth is one of the most reliable sources of referrals.

Hectarworld is a people-driven performance company made up of real estate negotiators from Penang, Klang Valley, and Johor. We are recruiting more real estate negotiators to join our growing team across Malaysia. Sign up as a real estate negotiator with Hectarworld now and enjoy these exclusive perks as a #Hectarian:

  • Registered REN
  • Career Development Program for REN
  • Mentor Program for PEA
  • Team Leadership Development Program
  • Listings from Company, Corporate Clients and new Projects
  • Market Research and Analysis Reports
  • Sales leads and prospects from Company
  • Digital and internet marketing tools, marketing budget and training
  • Attractive commission scheme and incentives
  • Fast commission payout timing and process
  • 3 Incentive trips per year
  • Quarterly team building
  • Nationwide coverage (Branches)
  • Subsidies for car and property purchase (Senior Leaders / Partners)

Click here to register your interest!

Success Stories of Malaysian Real Estate Negotiators

Over the years, we have recruited hundreds of real estate negotiators from all sorts of industry backgrounds. Here are their stories:

Simon’s career in real estate began when he was inspired by his peers’ successes who are pursuing careers related to real estate. Realizing the potential of earning a rewarding income in the real estate industry, coupled with his personal preference for a flexible working time, Simon decided to join Hectarworld as a Real Estate Negotiator. With a strong belief in determination, perseverance, speed, and proper after-sale service, he has since made a reputation himself as one of Hectarworld’s top achievers in the Northern Region.


Check out other stories of Hectarworld’s top-achieving Real Estate Negotiators on our Youtube channel!

Getting started as a real estate negotiator

You are one step closer to your dream job! If you are interested to become a real estate negotiator, all you have to do is fill up this form and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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