How does being a real estate negotiator help you lead a more successful life?

Benefits of a Commission-Based Job
June 16, 2021
July 23, 2021

Why did you choose to become a real estate negotiator?

Most of the time, the answer to this question revolves around the benefits of a commission-based income and the flexibility of the job itself.

While these are definitely the top reasons why more than 170,000 Malaysians choose to be in this industry, there are also plenty of long-term benefits that most people don’t talk about.

Aside from being able to reap instant gratifications, being a real estate negotiator can also benefit individuals in the long term. Becoming a real estate negotiator can actually help you lead a more successful life!

8 Ways Being a Real Estate Negotiator Helps You Lead A More Successful Life

  1. Self-Discipline

Becoming a real estate negotiator requires a whole lot of discipline. Since the amount of revenue generated each month relies heavily on your own effort, it provides an opportunity for you to train yourself to be more disciplined in conducting your business transactions.

While instilling discipline in your professional life, it can also indirectly motivate you to become more disciplined in other aspects of your life. According to entrepreneur Brian Tracy, being well-disciplined is one of the top 5 qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Highly motivated and driven

One of the most important requirements about being a real estate negotiator is the ability to remain highly motivated and driven throughout your career. In the world of the real estate business, there will be moments of ups and downs, such as the nature of life.

What defines a good real estate negotiator is their tenacity and mindset when they are faced with a difficult situation. A highly motivated and driven person will learn from their mistakes and remain positive instead of giving up when times get tough. Having this mindset will eventually help you to become a more successful person in life because you are able to see opportunities in crisis.

  1. Self-learning and self-improvement

In order to become successful people in life, it is important for us to continue learning and improving. A successful person is someone who is hungry for knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the greater your potential is in life.

Without realizing, in the process of becoming a real estate negotiator, you are also continuously learning and improving yourself. You are learning something new each time you deal with different clients and different projects. There will always be room for improvement, whether as a real estate negotiator or as a human being.

  1. Master at interpersonal skills

Throughout your career as a real estate negotiator, you would have met and spoken to countless people from all walks of life. This accumulated experience will help you become an expert in human communication. Knowing when to say what is an important skill that will help you a lot in closing deals.

One of the similarities that all successful people have is that they are masters at interpersonal skills. This includes various verbal and non-verbal skills such as speaking, listening and reading people. While pursuing a career as a real estate negotiator, you are also honing your communication skills to prepare you for the next step towards a more successful career path.

  1. Time management and ability to prioritize

With the job flexibility that being a real estate negotiator provides, you are forced to have good time-management skills. Instead of working around the clock like your peers who work a regular day job, a real estate negotiator like yourself must be able to plan out your daily schedule and prioritize your tasks.

Years of practising good time-management skills will put you on the fast track towards a successful life. Successful people don’t usually work long hours, because they work smart. If you are looking for ways to learn time management like a pro, here are some time management tips for you to apply in your professional life.

  1. Train courage and confidence

Do you remember your first time meeting a client? Think about how you felt in that moment and compare it with how you feel now when you meet with a client. After numerous client meetings and sales pitching, you are now more calm and confident. This is because being a real estate negotiator actually helps to train courage and build confidence along the way!

Self-confidence is a key trait possessed by all successful people. Just like how every successful business owner and company founder began their journey from the bottom of the ladder, you can also slowly work your way up the ladder through your career as a real estate negotiator.

  1. Increase your emotional intelligence

A real estate negotiator’s job is essentially in the service industry where you will constantly be dealing with people. Not every real estate transaction is going to be a smooth-sailing one, as there will be times when you are forced to face human temperaments while negotiating a deal with them. This is why most real estate negotiators have developed a high emotional quotient (EQ) not only to manage their own internal emotions but also to identify the emotions of the people they attend to.

Emotional awareness is one of the underrated characteristics of highly successful individuals. Your ability to show empathy and relate to people will not only benefit your career as a real estate negotiator but will also help you become a more successful person in life.

  1. Being resourceful

As a real estate negotiator, being resourceful is one of your strongest assets. Not many people are capable of coming up with creative ways to achieve their goals. Having a resourceful mindset allows you to come up with various creative solutions while exploring your social connections and utilizing existing technology to achieve your goal.

Most successful people are used to thinking outside of the box. This is what separates their ideas from millions of others in the world. Creative thinking stems from a resourceful mindset. This is why the more creative you are when you attempt to deliver the best solutions to your clients not only places you a cut above the rest of your real estate negotiator peers but also takes you a step closer towards the next groundbreaking idea!


Choosing the right career path will impact your life for many years to come. Every effort you put in today will lead to the life that you wish to pursue in the future. Embark on the journey towards a successful life by becoming a real estate negotiator today!

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