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April 16, 2021
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April 16, 2021

Going by the increasing supply and popularity of bachelor pads are also known as studio apartments, it is proved that good things do come in small packages. Studio apartments are relatively new concept in the Malaysian property market, how does one define a studio apartment? Generally, a studio apartment is a compact and a self-sufficient single space property with areas that separated for work, leisure, study and rest. In other words, one would say all-in-one in a single space. The only separate door with the door in a studio will only be the bathroom. 

A studio apartment is a worthwhile investment choice with low entry and exit points as well as being affordable for young professionals. A handful of property buyers who are unable to invest in a landed property or 3-bedroom apartments due to high selling price, are most likely to pursue studio apartments as it is the more favourable preference. 

A single space for all 
Studio apartments are very ideal for fresh graduates as scouting to own a property with an entry level pay is almost impossible, but it can be done upon months of research and savings. This type of property is trending among singletons and couple because most people who just started working and for those who recently got married are unable to afford large apartments or landed properties, especially in Kuala Lumpur area as studio apartments provide basic comfort and security at a very low investment. 

In terms of living space is smaller for studio apartments, thus keeping the apartment cool with air conditioning units will consume less energy, giving bachelors the benefit of low maintenance. People who spend most of their time at the workplace, it’s even better for those who can purchase nearer to their workplace as they can save commute time and transportation cost.  

Not much of a difference 
Besides the more economical price tag and the reasonable recurring costs of utilities like water and electricity bill, there is not much difference between a studio and landed properties or apartments.

The most vital aspect to acknowledge in any property purchase is location. Many young professionals preferred to purchase a property which is close to all types of facilities and amenities. 

Most studio apartments are located either in CBD area or in a mature neighbourhood which is close proximity to various office towers, schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, hypermarkets, movie theatres and various al fresco cafes. Located close to commercial and industrial hubs will also be an added value as they will be a popular demand in and around business districts.   

Cater to the market 
Developers and designers are mindful of the space design concept as there is no room for wasted space and the furnishings, fittings and appliances are standard in size. Nowadays, many studio apartments come with custom made built-in furniture systems, like the built-in seating or beds with under-unit storage.  

Some of the new concept studio apartments offered high ceilings to create a much more spacious impression while the large window gives enough natural lighting to make the unit feel more open. Also, small spaced apartments will also create economical housing in the open market as the government mandated the affordable quotes as well as incentives.  

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